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Born Invincible 1978 Joseph Kuo Carter Wong aka Shaolin's Born Invincible

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BORN INVINCIBLE aka Shaolin's Born Invincible - Classic 1978 Kung Fu Movie - Directed by: Joseph Kuo - Starring: Carter Wong, Lo Lieh, Jack Long, Mark Long

Two warlord chiefs, a ton-fa wielder who can destroy an opponents weapon and a Tai Chi expert that is impervious to weapons, send a pair of killers to track down and kill an old master swordsman who has given up fighting. When the killers assassination attempt is foiled by a group of kung fu students from a nearby school, the chiefs themselves come to the school to deal with the master swordsman and anyone else who gets in their way. When the schools head master dies defending the swordsman and his daughter, the schools 3 most senior students vow to avenge the deaths and begins a quest to annihilate the warlord chiefs. One by one, they end up facing a man so skilled in tai chi kung fu that it seems as if he were 'Born Invincible'.

Clips from Born Invincible aka Shaolin's Born Invincible - 1978 Kung Fu Martial Arts Movie

FULL MOVIE - Born Invincible aka Shaolin's Born Invincible - 1978 Kung Fu Martial Arts Movie

Two of the stars of this kung fu movie really stand out: Carter Wong and Lo Lieh. Together, they are two nearly invincible killers filled to the brim with kung fu power.
This is without a doubt one of Carter Wong's best, if not his all-time best movie. He plays a white-haired master of Taijiquan, who has trained since the age of 5 in this mystic art and is truly invincible -- except for his one weak point.

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  4. First time visiting your site. Awesome stuff. All things classic kung fu are a great time... well ok a couple exceptions. Thought I would leave a question on here and maybe yourself or some fellow fans could help a brother out. A grew up on a film, featured an anti hero, and the final showdown was the hero interrupting the bad guys (who have buried a family up to there necks to be buried by the tide). He challenges them all and ends up fighting the last guy who wears a claw in the edge of the waves... any one have an idea on what this one might be called? The channel that used to show it had it listed as "fist of fear, touch of death" but as we know, thats only one of the many brucespoiltation flicks and in no way the right title.